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Welcome to the Dynarama Pricing Pages for State and Local Government and Education customers in the State of Utah.


This resource is designed to help you find up-to-date, relevant pricing information about the products and services offered by Hewlett Packard Company through the State of Utah Cooperative Buying Agreements. It’s goal is to simplify your access to this information and to an extended version of the weekly newsletter that is sent via email to interested customers.  Pricing is updated approximately biweekly and special pricing for K-12 Schools in Utah is available on the designated tabs.


Authorization is required to gain access to this part of our site. Your first step is to register. This will allow you to gain partial membership immediately. Once we review your application and validate your relationship with Dynarama and Hewlett Packard, you’ll receive an email notification of your approval.


Please note: You must use your governmental or educational domain email address to gain access to this area of our site for system validation purposes. Accounts utilizing public email such as Gmail, Hotmail, AOL and others will be blocked and or denied access.


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